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Top 5 ways mobile tech has changed driving

by RoadPro Family of Brands

Mobile technology has revolutionized truck driving, making drivers more connected than ever before and changing how they work, relax and interact. Here are five ways it’s happened: Connections – Though trucking still comes down to a driver and a truck, the …Continue

Volvo Trucks defines the shape of trucks to come with new VNR regional haul model

Volvo Trucks North America recently unveiled the new Volvo VNR model, a versatile regional haul tractor designed and developed for the modern professional truck driver and the rapidly evolving demands of goods delivery. Defined by innovations in every area – …Continue

Dream gear for truckers

By RoadPro Family of Brands In 1899, Charles Duell, commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office, is supposed to have said, “Everything that can be invented already has been invented.” Duell was clearly shortsighted and, just as clearly, not a truck …Continue