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Canada Moves from a Self-education Approach to No Drone Zones

By Heather C. Devine, Partner, Isaacs & Co Barristers & Solicitors

On March 16, Federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced the “Interim Order Respecting the Use of Model Aircraft,” which applies certain restrictions on the flight of model aircraft and recreational drones weighing from 250 grams to 35 kg. The …Continue

Improve your pre-trip truck inspections for the good of your fleet

By David Goruk

The weather’s still warm, the days are long, and your truck is ready to hit the road for a big trip. Or is it? There’s only one way to truly tell if your vehicle’s safe to drive, and that’s with …Continue

Managing corporate Road Risk Exposure

Common sense and a good understanding of human nature can help determine times of greatest risk as it relates to driving habits. Advances in traffic enforcement technology means it is now more common for an employee to lose their licence …Continue