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What to do if you have an environmental spill

By Rick Kosowan and Mark Samis Why should we even worry about environmental spills? What is a Toxic Tort Lawyer? In the past these spills were left to dilute with time, not to mention that the legislation didn’t force many …Continue

Spec’ing tank trailers

Go in prepared

by Mike Beaudin Fleet managers spec’ing tanker trailers these days need more than a sharp pencil. Struggling to compete in a market that’s been hit hard by the downturn in the energy sector, tanker fleets are spec’ing trailers that do …Continue

Trial by Tired

Few lawsuits have focused on a truck driver's sleep apnea. That could change.

Trial lawyers have secured multimillion-dollar court settlements by proving that drivers were impaired at the time of a crash. Their submitted evidence regularly includes everything from logbook entries to the results of drug and alcohol tests. In one recent high-profile example in the U.S., Walmart settled a …Continue