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Recruiting and Retention

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11 ways to conduct better job interviews

By Tamara Miller There is a lot to be learned during a job interview. Consider these tips to help gather vital information and find the best candidates for your organization. 1 | Don’t hire an applicant merely because they meet minimum hiring standards …Continue

The art and science of people picking

The stakes for hiring good, safe, smart people have never been higher. And they've never been more competitive

By Jason Rhyno “The fact that you’re a private fleet is going to get their attention,” says John Thomson, vice president Canadian operations at Huron Services Group. Indeed, private fleets have an undeniable edge in the competitive, candidate-driven marketplace for recruits. …Continue

Let’s talk about sex

Women account for a fraction of fleet employees. You should be worried.

By John G. Smith Today’s fleets have a problem with women. To be precise, the problem is a lack of women. While representing 48% of Canada’s labour pool, they account for just 3% of truck drivers, mechanics and cargo workers. Things …Continue