Industry Issues Private Motor Carrier

Canada Moves from a Self-education Approach to No Drone Zones

By Heather C. Devine, Partner, Isaacs & Co Barristers & Solicitors

On March 16, Federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced the “Interim Order Respecting the Use of Model Aircraft,” which applies certain restrictions on the flight of model aircraft and recreational drones weighing from 250 grams to 35 kg. The …Continue

One family’s ‘life mission’

Popular sports journalist Scott Oake says he and his family are on a “life mission” – and they need your help!

Born in Newfoundland, but a longtime resident of Winnipeg, Scott Oake is seen regularly by millions throughout the year on NHL hockey games and other sporting events such as the Olympics. Other than the fame this brings, the Oakes are …Continue

Trans-Canada Highway celebrated in fifth stamp marking Canada 150

Just outside Regina on May 16, while on tour, country music star Dean Brody unveiled a stamp that captures the Trans-Canada Highway, the 8,000-km. ribbon of adventures, dreams and memories – and a key economic artery for Canadian business. Brody, winner …Continue