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Employer of Choice Luncheon and HR Conference

By Kelly Henderson, THRSC Atlantic


“Employer of Choice” is a program developed by industry for the trucking industry and is offered through the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic. 

Sixteen employers were recognized at the Employer of Choice event hosted in Truro, NS on May 12, 2016. This luncheon recognized organizations leading in the areas of recruitment, retention and human resource practices, which is building a stronger workforce within their organization. 

To earn designation employers are relying on employee endorsement for 70% of their total score. What does this mean to employees? One quote from an employee who participated in the survey component: “The fact that my company is going through this process shows me they care more about their employees than the bottom dollar.”

In the years ahead, workforce stability will be a company’s competitive edge. In these challenging and ever changing times, which are enhanced by a tight labour market, employers will be continually challenged to locate, attract, optimize and retain the talent they need to serve their customers. The most successful employers will be those who legitimately inspire talented workers to join them and to stay with them.

The Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic is very proud to congratulate the 16 employers currently recognized with their Employer of Choice designation: Eassons Transport Limited; Clarke Road Transport; Atlantica; Atlantic Pacific; Tom MacDonald Trucking; Keltic Transportation; J&C Ventures; Morley Annears; Armour Transportation Systems; Salvatore Insurance; Nova Truck Centres; Midland; Classic Freight; OSCO; Connors Transfer and SLH Transport.

Companies are using this tool to benchmark where they are today and to help inform strategic planning for employment retention for years to come.  If you are interested in learning more or want to start your application, visit our website Applications are accepted throughout the year – designations are awarded throughout the year. Start your application today!

The Employer of Choice program provides the Council with direction around hot industry topics – who better than industry to advise what is needed to support human resource development? This year’s annual HR Conference theme centered on ‘change management.’ Understanding the impact of change on an organization and how to help employees and employers successfully embrace change is a key challenge facing industry today. 

Key tips on effectively managing change in the workplace:

• Engage your employees – they often bring new ideas to the table;

• Be prepared to demonstrate why the change is needed – to successfully implement change, everyone needs to be part of the solution; and

• Celebrate the good work that is being done – change should not be a punishment!

Change management is a leadership skill – how strong are your leadership skills?