PMTC announces new Driver Qualification System Private Motor Carrier

PMTC announces new Driver Qualification System

The PMTC is happy to announce that its newest member service product is now available. Effective July 9, the new PMTC Driver Qualification System is live and accessible to PMTC Members. Powered by ISB Canada’s Making Eligibility Easy (MEE) Division, this customized system will now provide PMTC members the ability to order their driver qualification and requalification documents at a steeply discounted rate.

Available documents to download include:


1. Premium Criminal Record Check: Ensure that you are getting all of the most up-to-date information on your new-hires with the most comprehensive national criminal background check available in Canada. The Premium Criminal Record Check includes a search of both the National Repository and the additional searching of local police records to ensure that a potential offence does not go undetected.


2. Driver’s Record Abstract: This report will provide the current driver’s license status and restrictions. It lists infractions by type and date for the last two to five years (varies by province). Ontario abstracts will also contain address information when ordered under an MTO Authorized Requestor Agreement (ARIS).


3. Commercial Drivers Abstract: From a driver’s license number (on a driver) or a RIN (on a carrier), this search can show license class, restrictions, defects by inspection date, and violations and warnings that appear on a driver’s or a carrier’s record.


4. Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP – US Report): A PSP provides information on a commercial driver’s safety records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).


5. Employment Verifications: Verifications are completed on a driver and are transportation specific form that includes claims information, drug & alcohol questions, US exposure, and more. Questions can be customized on request to meet your specific needs.


6. TransClick Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ) Behavioral Survey: An exclusive product that focuses on driver behaviors. In addition to rating a driver’s behaviors this exclusive report provides you with coaching and interview questions to assist in educating the driver. The DSQ measures six personality dimensions that have been linked to unsafe behaviors that can lead to incidents and injuries on the road and in the workplace.

These include:

• Resistant vs. Compliant

• Anxious vs. Calm

• Impatient vs. Patient

• Distractible vs. Focused

• Impulsive vs. Cautious

• Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive


The PMTC Driver Qualification System provides members with many benefits, including:

• A national average of 15% discount off existing MEE pricing

• No monthly, user or service fees

• The most comprehensive Criminal Background Check in Canada

• Instant results for many Provincial Driver Abstracts

• Fastest turnaround times in the industry

• User friendly and configurable technology

• Ability to upload additional documents at no additional cost

• Fully bilingual

• Supported by a team of customer service representatives


If you have any questions please email: