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PMTCPresident Mike Millian will be behind the wheel as part of the Truck Convoy for Special Olympics on Saturday, September 14 in Paris, Ontario.

 “I cannot be more thrilled about being part of this great event,” stated Mike. “The PMTC has been a long-time supporter of this event, both through donations and
sponsorship, and PMTC Members have actively participated for years. This is an awesome event that showcases the true giving spirit of our industry, and the joy on the faces of the special Olympians at this event just makes your heart glow. Being able to drive in this event, and hopefully take an athlete along for the ride with me, is just an awesome opportunity and one I am really looking forward to.”

Thanks to the efforts of Tammy Blackwell, event organizer (and also Rental and Lease account manager with Kenworth Truck Centre out of Cambridge), Millian will be driving a Kenworth Tractor donated by KTC. Mike added, “Tammy is a tireless worker when it comes to this event, and an avid supporter of the Convoy and the
industry, and both myself and the PMTC membership thank her for this gesture. Tammy does a truly amazing job promoting and organizing the Convoy.”

Mike is hopeful that with the support of PMTC members, and the industry as a whole, that he may raise enough money to be the lead truck in the Convoy as the lead truck position is reserved for the driver who raises the most money towards the Special Olympians.

To donate towards Mike’s truck, visit FundraisingPage.aspx?registrationID=4506 684&langPref=en-CA#&panel1-1.

If you are a fleet who has never participated in this event, please reach out to the Convoy team and get involved; you won’t be sorry! For more details, or to donate to any other driver in the Convoy, go to


Current News

New Research Findings: Labour Market Impacts of COVID-19 for Canada’s National Trucking Industry

Trucking HR Canada released the second report in a series focused on assessing labour market impacts of COVID-19. This report includes updated insights of how COVID-19 is affecting trucking and logistics employment, and what can be expected for employers in the industry in the next three years. This second stage of the report presents a labour market forecast and shares results based on the ramifications of COVID-19. In the forecast, we learn that:

  • Over the first two quarters of 2020, employment in the trucking and logistics sector is expected to contract by 10.4%, or 72,000 jobs, due to COVID-19. We expect a 10.9% contraction among truck drivers and 10.0% decline among non-truck driver occupations.
  • Given anticipated retirements and other labour outflows from the truck driver occupation, there is a strong indication that, by 2023, labour demand is unlikely to be fully met, which would mean a return to driver shortages.
  • We estimate that COVID-19 and its economy-wide impacts will result in declines in truck driver employment that cost the truck transportation industry approximately $3.2 billion in sales in 2020.

On July 9, the Government of Canada held a briefing to share this important update with officials and ultimately aid in good decision making for the industry. Trucking HR Canada partnered with The Conference Board of Canada to undertake research assessing the labour impacts of Covid-19 on the trucking and logistics sector. This forecast is designed to help us better understand what employers might expect down the road in terms of post-COVID economic rebound projections, forecasts of employment as well as estimates on expected employment losses.

You can download the report at

Trucking HR Canada is a national, non-profit organization, advancing modern HR solutions for the trucking and logistics workforce. We collaborate, partner, and work with a dynamic network including industry associations, government departments and industry professionals to ensure Canada’s freight transportation network has the skilled workforce needed for today and into the future.