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The Interactive Training Experience Speaks to All Learning Styles

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC)’s Online Drivers’ Academy delivers the latest in driver training courses that covers members’ safety, compliance and professional development needs.

These courses cover the latest in real-world topics, challenges and scenarios, are bilingual and available online and via the CarriersEdge Mobile App.

The team behind CarriersEdge is dedicated to ensuring that users have all the tools in their toolbox needed to comprehend the content and advance through each course by speaking to their specific learning style.

Mark Murrell, Co-Founder of CarriersEdge, refers to the program as an ‘interactive training experience,’ saying, “We developed the program to address all the different learning styles. People that learn best by reading can read, people that like hearing things can just listen to the narration (like an audio book or podcast), people who want visuals have videos and animation to illustrate the content, and we have checkpoints and exercises for the people that need to get involved, apply what they've learned and put their knowledge into practice.”

The Online Drivers’ Academy is designed so you can log in and learn as you go. On the fleet side, employers have access to a library of content and can decide what to assign to different people. Once the driver is assigned a course, the individual can go through it at his/her own pace and when they have some time. The program tracks the user’s progression – where they were and left off in a particular course – and will take the user back to that point once they log back in.

“We refer to our service as ‘Netflix for training,’” says Murrell. “The service is unlimited with your subscription.”

In addition to the library of content that CarriersEdge creates and provides, fleets have the option of uploading their own content. So if a company wishes to add their own training materials – videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations – they can create a complete program, consisting of training content and management tools for their drivers.

“The [Online Drivers’ Academy] gets people to be active participants in learning rather than telling them, “Here’s what the rule is – you need to follow it.” The courses provide real life scenarios so an actual driver goes through an activity, determines what they need to think about and what the resulting actions may be and, wherever possible, the interactive part of the course says, “Now you try it.”

The Online Drivers’ Academy is available to PMTC members at a members-only discounted rate and is structured as a month-to-month service (not a contract); if you decide to cancel, you only need to give 30-days notice and will not be locked into any long-term commitments.

Mike Millian, President of the Private Motor Council of Canada, reflects back on his own experiences using the Online Drivers’ Academy when he worked for a private fleet. “Before I became the President of the PMTC, I looked after Safety, Training & Compliance for a private fleet. As part of our training program, we used select courses from the PMTC online training program. Courses we used as part of our orientation, upgrade, refresher and remedial training programs, and coupled with classroom and on-road training. Using these courses, in my view, enhanced our training program and improved the overall safety of our fleet.”

The subscription rate depends on the number of people in your fleet. If your company has less than 200 participants, the cost per user is $4.75/month. If your company has more than 200 participants, the cost per user goes down to $4/month. In comparison to the cost that comes with one collision or issued ticket, this proactive program saves on so many costs.

To learn more about the PMTC Online Drivers’ Academy, visit

To see the full course list, visit

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