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The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada elected a new Board of Directors for 2020-2021 and is pleased to welcome seven new Board members,

Mathew Blackman, Scott Creighton, Jessica Griffiths, Keith Lamb, Sudhanshu Malhotra, Leanne Quail and Michele Roberts. Private Motor Carrier is pleased to introduce you to one of the new Board members, Keith Lamb, and the Young Leaders Group (YLG) Board Chair, Matt Richardson.

Keith Lamb
Keith is an experienced Senior Manager, with a proven track record, working in the oil and energy industry. He is skilled in Petroleum, Operations Management, Safety Management Systems, Warehouse Operations, and Transportation Management.

As Director of Fleet, Keith’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the fleet procurement, operations and maintenance program, as well as support to the Environmental Health & Safety team from a regulatory guidance perspective. He holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Mohawk College.

Involvement With PMTC
“My involvement with the PMTC has always been at a distance,” said Lamb. “We [4Refuel] have been members for years and I have been reading and sharing the detail provided from the regular communications coming out of the PMTC. I have had some communication with Mike and realized that the PMTC was actually providing my organization, and other like us, with extremely valuable information.”

“I decided that I wanted to give back so I reached out to Mike and asked how I could help. I have been in the transportation industry for about 33 years in all different aspects of it – operations, fleet maintenance, environmental, health and safety, and senior management (with a focus much of my career particularly the fuels/bulk liquid transportation) – and thought I could provide some insight and/or experience.”

Goals for the PMTC Board
“The one thing would be to help provide added value to the PMTC with the years I have been in the industry and potentially share some of the knowledge I have collected along the way.”

Fun Facts
“I enjoy woodworking, building cabinets and furniture in my spare time, of late Epoxy River tables have mostly been in my shop.”

Matt Richardson
Matt is the Sales and Operations Manager at KRTS Transportation Specialists, Inc. (KRTS) and has been in the trucking industry since he was old enough to hold a scrub brush and help wash trucks. A proud holder of his AZ license, Matt is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he played football for the Gryphons and captained the team in his final three years. Along with his role at KRTS, Richardson is also the Chairman of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada’s Young Leaders Group (PMTC YLG) and lives at home in Caledonia with wife, Julie, and two young daughters, Tessa and Makayla.
Involvement With PMTC
“I have been heavily involved with the PMTC for a little over five years,” said Richardson. “I was asked to be part of the Committee, tasked with getting the YLG launched again, and after roughly one and a half years, I was asked if I would take over the Chairman’s position with the YLG. I gladly accepted and am honoured that the group re-elected me for a second term from 2020-2022. I look forward to working with the new board and continuing the growth and momentum of the group that the past Board was instrumental in doing.” 

Current News

New Research Findings: Labour Market Impacts of COVID-19 for Canada’s National Trucking Industry

Trucking HR Canada released the second report in a series focused on assessing labour market impacts of COVID-19. This report includes updated insights of how COVID-19 is affecting trucking and logistics employment, and what can be expected for employers in the industry in the next three years. This second stage of the report presents a labour market forecast and shares results based on the ramifications of COVID-19. In the forecast, we learn that:

  • Over the first two quarters of 2020, employment in the trucking and logistics sector is expected to contract by 10.4%, or 72,000 jobs, due to COVID-19. We expect a 10.9% contraction among truck drivers and 10.0% decline among non-truck driver occupations.
  • Given anticipated retirements and other labour outflows from the truck driver occupation, there is a strong indication that, by 2023, labour demand is unlikely to be fully met, which would mean a return to driver shortages.
  • We estimate that COVID-19 and its economy-wide impacts will result in declines in truck driver employment that cost the truck transportation industry approximately $3.2 billion in sales in 2020.

On July 9, the Government of Canada held a briefing to share this important update with officials and ultimately aid in good decision making for the industry. Trucking HR Canada partnered with The Conference Board of Canada to undertake research assessing the labour impacts of Covid-19 on the trucking and logistics sector. This forecast is designed to help us better understand what employers might expect down the road in terms of post-COVID economic rebound projections, forecasts of employment as well as estimates on expected employment losses.

You can download the report at

Trucking HR Canada is a national, non-profit organization, advancing modern HR solutions for the trucking and logistics workforce. We collaborate, partner, and work with a dynamic network including industry associations, government departments and industry professionals to ensure Canada’s freight transportation network has the skilled workforce needed for today and into the future.