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You’re Invited to PMTC’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

On behalf of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC)’s Board of Directors, I’m pleased to invite you all to attend the 2021 PMTC Virtual Annual Conference, scheduled on June 16-18, 2021.
The decision to go virtual was unanimous with upmost consideration to the health and safety of our members, staff, speakers, friends, industry colleagues and guests who attend our event year after year. It is our responsibility to provide you all with an event, where you can safely connect with your fellow members and gain the latest education, training and information to advance your career in the industry; therefore, this virtual platform will accommodate our needs and yours until 2022, when we look forward to connecting once again in-person at the next Annual Conference.
For this year’s event, we’ve once again partnered with C-Vent, one of the world’s leading virtual conference partners. Their team has been actively working with the PMTC to ensure that your online experience – as a user and sponsor of this event – is better (in quality and value) and more streamlined, to ensure we enhanced your value even further than we provided at last year’s event.
From June 16-18, the Conference will kick off at 10 a.m. and conclude at 3 p.m. (EST). This year’s event will offer 10 educational seminars and the PMTC awards programs. Since in-person award presentations are not possible at this time, we will be using video tributes to announce each winner and recognize them for their incredible achievements. See page 11 of Private Motor Carrier to view the full
line-up of seminars, scheduled awards programs, and information for registration.
For more information on the 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, to register as an attendee, or to learn more about this year’s sponsorship opportunities, please visit or contact Annette Kieft at or 905-827-0587.
Thank you for your time, consideration and support – we look forward to connecting with you virtually (and safely) at this year’s Annual Conference.

Jim Dimech, Chairman
Private Motor Truck Council of Canada

June 16
Opening Remarks and Comments from Transport Canada
Seminar I – Transportation Legal Update
Seminar II – COVID-19 and Driver Health
Seminar III – Introduction to the 2021 PMTC Benchmarking Survey, Sponsored by the Ontario Truck Driving School
Seminar IV – Managing Driver Behaviour for Profitability

June 17
Seminar V – YLG Sourced Seminar:
The Time for Natural Gas is Now
Seminar VI – Secure Logistics-Cargo Theft,
Supply Chain and Loss Prevention Solutions
PMTC-AVIVA Private Fleet Safety Awards
Recognizing private fleets with exceptional safety records
is an important part of the conference. Join us as we recognize the safest private fleets in the country.
PMTC-KRTS Driver Training Scholarship
Fleets cannot achieve amazing safety records without qualified and trained drivers. One lucky PMTC member
will be awarded the PMTC-KRTS Driver Training Scholarship. The recipient will receive the funds to cover a 200-hour TTSAO or PTDI Certified Professional Truck Driver course.
Seminar VII – Partnering with Autonomous Vehicle Service Providers: Regulatory and Contractual Considerations
PMTC/YLG Logistics Management Ceremony
Join us as we celebrate the second individual to receive the PMTC Logistics Management Program Certification. This individual has successfully completed all four programs, provided by CITT, that comprise this certification program micro designation.
Driven to Lead Graduation Ceremony
Last year marked the second Young Leaders Group Driven to Lead Diploma Program. This program is an interactive, experiential four module program facilitated by Eagle’s Flight. Join us in congratulating and recognizing the graduates of the 2020 Driven to Lead Program.
Seminar VIII – Getting Ahead of Cognitive Impairment
and the Future of Testing in the Workplace

June 18
Seminar IX – The Four Disciplines of Execution, Engaging Staff and Drivers to Improve Company Performance
PMTC-3M Vehicle Graphics Awards
One of the highlights of our conference every year. You will be treated to a video display of some of the best truck graphics to be found anywhere. These fleets are proud of their image, as they should be.
Seminar X – Carrier, Vendor and Law Enforcement
Response to COVID-19
Rick Austin Memorial Dispatcher of the Year Award, Sponsored by CPC Logistics Canada
Help us recognize the fourth annual Rick Austin Dispatcher of the year recipient. Dispatchers are an integral part of
any fleet – one that is often overlooked.
PMTC-CPC Logistics Canada
Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers
Every year, we induct up to four professional drivers who have compiled outstanding safety records over the course of their career. Recognizing their individual achievements
is always a conference highlight.

Conference agenda and schedule subject to change without notice.


Current News

Confused? I’m Not Surprised

By Michael Ahart, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Omnitracs

The Canadian ELD Mandate goes into effect June 12, 2021. What does that really mean?

All federally regulated motor carriers in Canada must equip commercial motor vehicles with a third party certified ELD device by June 12, 2021… or do they? Law enforcement will begin enforcing the mandate and issuing ELD related citations beginning June 12, 2021...
or will they?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Canadian ELD Mandate so I join you in trying to understand what’s myth, what’s reality, and what will happen when. Here is where we are.

As indicated by the Minister of Transportation, the Mandate will go into effect June 12, 2021. However, on March 2, 2021, he stated that the government will begin a phased enforcement rollout after June 12 that focuses on ELD education and awareness at first. Does this mean that drivers can continue to use paper logs? How long will this period of education and awareness last? Why have they decided to take this approach?

I’ve heard the terms ‘deferred enforcement,’ ‘progressive enforcement,’ and ‘graduated enforcement’ used in various industry-related circles to describe expectations; however, as of this writing, no related enforcement program has been shared – although we can expect that the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators will provide a proposal within the next few weeks. There is no doubt we will be knocking up against the deadline before we have clarification.

I know there is a limited number of motor carriers happy to see a delayed enforcement program, as they’d rather continue using paper logs. Many others are unhappy as they have already made the investment in electronic logging devices and are simply waiting on an over-the-air update with the third- party certified ELD software.

The lack of clarity on the topic has a significant impact on those who are concerned if their financial investment has/will result(ed) in the acquisition of an ELD that will receive third-party certification. There are currently no certified ELD devices listed on the Transport Canada website, although many devices have been submitted for certification. With multiple ELD providers submitting multiple ELD devices to the one accredited certifying body, motor carriers must obtain assurance from their ELD provider that it is actively participating in the third-party certification process developed by Transport Canada. At a cost of nearly $50,000 USD per ELD submitted to obtain certification, the financial investment made by the ELD provider is a significant commitment and will be undertaken by a limited number of ELD providers.

Read more ...