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PMTC and Aviva Canada Award PMTC and Aviva Canada Award Private Fleets for Safety Performance

On June 17, 2021, during the PMTC 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) and Aviva Canada announced the following winners of the Private Fleet Safety Awards: 

Mid-Sized Fleet, Under 75 Power Units: John Deere Canada ULC Large Fleet, 75 and Over Power Units: Linde Canada, Inc. (formerly Praxair)
“The members of the PMTC appreciate the support of Aviva for these Private Fleet Safety Awards. The Awards are a tangible sign of Aviva and the PMTC’s commitment to truck safety – one that has been part of the PMTC’s mandate since our inception in 1977,” says PMTC President Mike Millian.  

The Private Fleet Safety Awards is open to all Canadian private carriers, and membership in the PMTC is not a requirement. Judging is conducted by an independent panel and follows established criteria with a focus on the company’s overall safety regime and over the road record.

“The process of applying for one of these awards provides a checklist for fleet managers to see what the best-in-class fleets are doing to maintain their safety programs. Even if you do not believe you will win an Award, there is an immense benefit to going through the process of entering,” explains Millian.

The PMTC joins Aviva in congratulating the management and drivers of these winning fleets, whose efforts have placed road safety at the forefront of their operations. Millian is greatly appreciative to Aviva for making these Awards possible, stating, “Aviva is an example of a company that promotes and supports the safe operation of truck fleets – we, along with the trucking community, appreciate their involvement and support.”

Current News

A Critique of MTO’s Response to SPR’s 2018 Truck Parking Study

By Ted Harvey, SPR Associates Inc.

In May 2018, SPR Associates of Toronto submitted a report to The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) on long-haul truck parking and rest areas along Southern Ontario Highways. This $280,000 Study involved a major review of truck parking in Southern Ontario and was led by Dr. Ted Harvey of SPR, with a U.S. and Canadian advisory panel of engineers and transportation and safety specialists. This state-of-the-art project was the most thorough study of this issue ever conducted in Canada, or perhaps anywhere, with engineering simulations based on over 450,000 truck trips on 25 highway segments, and online surveys of over 2,300 Canadian and U.S. truck drivers. Several hundred trucking companies were also surveyed. The goal of the Study was to assess the extent to which there is a shortage of truck parking and rest areas in Ontario and to make recommendations to address this issue.

The Study focused mainly on the highway 401 corridor from Detroit-Windsor to the Québec border, but with attention also to other 400 highways and rural areas. The 400 corridor, used by some 40,000 trucks per day, is a vital part of the supply chain for the Greater Toronto Area as well as the rest of Ontario. The surveys yielded detailed estimates of the need for parking on 25 Ontario highway segments and for over 70 existing truck stops. Drivers provided over 60,000 ratings of the difficulty of finding parking at all these locations. We also examined the history of implementation of Hours of Service (HOS) and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations which limit driving hours to ensure rest. HOS drives the parking shortage and has been neglected by MTO for the past 15 years. On January 7, 2021, MTO issued a press release describing their proposed remedies to the parking shortage. 

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