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Breaking News:

January 12th, 2022

PMTC and other industry reps had a call earlier today with CBSA, PHAC and Transport Canada. The purpose of the call was to explain what will occur at the Canadian Border when essential workers arrive at it on Saturday, the day the Canadian border vaccine mandate is set to take effect. The mandate will pertain to both Canadian and non-Canadian drivers who seek to cross the land border into Canada.

Please be advised that to cross the border into Canada, drivers must download the ArriveCAN app. In order to cross the border into Canada, as of January 15th,  drivers must show that they have been fully vaccinated from COVID-19 and use the ArriveCAN app. As of this date, if you are not vaccinated, a non- Canadian driver will be turned away at the port of entry and a Canadian driver returning to Canada will be instructed to follow quarantine protocols.

Links are provided below for more information, and key information and tips that were shared to today by government officials today are

  • As of January 15th, it is required that essential workers enter their vaccination status through the ArriveCan app. If a driver does not have access to a smart phone or have a data plan, they can access the browser version of the arrive can app from any computer, enter their vaccination status on the reusable use receipt which is available for frequent travellers.
  • Once the above info is entered, an ArriveCan receipt will be provided. Although your information and receipt will be electronically in the system, you are advised to either download a copy of the receipt to your electronic device as well as print off a paper copy to carry with you.
  • You are advised to also carry a digital or paper copy of your proof of vaccination status with you in case it is asked to be verified at the border. The only proof that will be accepted is the one issued by the Province, Territory or State that administered it.
  • Officials have advised us, if you are vaccinated but do not submit the information via ArriveCan as of January 15th, their focus will be on education and compliance initially. Failure to submit via ArriveCan will likely lead to delays at the border however, and the possibility of penalties do exist. If not using ArriveCan yet, you are advised to transition to it as soon as possible to avoid any issues.
  • If you are medically exempt from being vaccinated, you must provide eligible proof of this exemption from a doctor licensed to practice in Canada.

The US administration corresponding mandate on foreign drivers entering the U.S. is expected go into effect on January 22.
Since this policy was first raised in government circles, we have constantly communicated the environment that this mandate would create. We had hoped that both U.S. and Canadian officials would recognize the effects this rule would have on our industry’s capacity levels. Unfortunately, at this point neither the Canadian nor U.S. officials have changed their position on this matter.
As we can probably predict, mandates such as this are certain to cause delays and increased issues regarding our supply chain. If you begin to encounter any problems due to the cross-border vaccine requirement, please don’t hesitate to forward this information to me.
For more details on the requirements for entry into Canada, please see the following resources:

Canada Vaccine Requirements
Canada Travel Requirements
ArriveCAN App Requirements
Accepted Vaccines in Canada

For more details on the U.S. requirements for foreign nationals, please see the following resources:

DHS Vaccine Requirements Announcement
U.S. Cross Border Vaccine Fact Sheet
U.S. Cross Border Vaccine FAQs

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mike Millian
Private Motor Truck Council of Canada
225 Main Street East
Unit #5, Milton, On
L9T 1N9
Office: 905-827-0587
Cell: 519-932-0902
Fax: 905-827-8212