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As the only national association in Canada representing the views and interests of private and dedicated fleets, The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada recognizes the utmost importance of representing the views and interests of our members. We are committed to providing expanded educational and networking opportunities to our members throughout this great country.

 As stated by PMTC President Mike Millian:

“During the past 8 years, the PMTC has been hosting events in Western Canada, Ontario and  Eastern Canada. We have also participated in numerous consultations and stakeholder meetings with the federal, provincial, and territorial governments on a wide range of subjects. Our goal is to ensure that the views of our members are represented and heard. 

While we believe that we have been effectively representing our members from coast to coast in recent years, our board of directors feels that it is time to take the next step. As a result, we are looking to hire someone who resides in the western region of Canada, to ensure we have boots on the ground, someone who has their ear to the ground and understands what is important to our members,"

The job will start out as a part-time role on a contract basis, with the opportunity for the role to expand within the PMTC.

PMTC Chair, Steve Lawn, went on to say. "It has always been the goal of the PMTC to have individuals in each region of the country to ensure that we can represent our members as effectively as possible in every jurisdiction. After several successful years, the PMTC is now in a strong financial position to increase our spending and allocate resources to initiate this process. We firmly believe that this will bring significant value to both our current and future members.”

Details on the job posting can also be viewed by clicking HERETo inquire or apply for the position, please reply to"> with your resume and references. Please note, the link to submit your application from our job portal is currently not working, our website designer is working on a fix, so please submit via the email address indicated above.